Get Personalized Support from a Kidney Specialist

Get Personalized Support from a Kidney Specialist

If you are not on dialysis, partner with a Registered Dietitian and discover a kidney-friendly way of eating with DaVita® Eat Smart!

Diet Education

Understand why diet is important to managing your kidney health.

Personalized Diet Coaching

Purchase one-on-one coaching sessions with a specially trained kidney dietitian.

Program Options

Learn more about different program options available to suit your needs.

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Learn Why Diet Is Important

  • Eating a kidney-friendly diet may delay or prevent kidney failure. It doesn’t have to be hard!
  • Dietary changes can also help control diabetes, hypertension and other conditions linked to kidney disease, as well as help treat or prevent mineral and bone disorders from kidney disease.
  • Simple diet modifications can help reduce the build-up of excess fluids and waste so you can feel better.
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Making the Kidney Diet Easier with DaVita® Eat Smart

Receive online nutrition counseling from a registered dietitian. Take a look at the program options available to you.

Monthly subscription:

Each month includes:

  • Two 30-minute sessions with your dietitian over the phone, email or video call to:
    • Get personal meal and nutrition plans tailored to your specific dietary needs, medical conditions and food preferences
    • Track your food and receive regular feedback and tips from your dietitian
    • Find recipes and shopping lists to help you manage your nutrition plan
    • Review progress toward milestones
  • If you have a FitBit or other iHealth device, integration is available for a more comprehensive look at your health

Available at $79/month »

One-time session:

Have specific questions? Try a 30 minute session to speak with a dietitian about your questions! No commitment required, just schedule a session each time you need it.

Available at $45/session or $120/3-session pack »

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